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Harvest Season is Here Get Your Grain Carts Ready

By Jean-Paul MacDonald

As farmers, preparing for the harvest season doesn't stop with tuning up combines. Grain carts, too, need attention, says Justin Render from Kinze Manufacturing. A few maintenance steps can avoid downtime and enhance efficiency.

Key pre-harvest checks begin with cartwheels and tracks. Tight hubs and correctly inflated tires are vital, along with aligned belts in track systems. Look out for worn driveline parts including gears, shafts, and gear boxes, and repair or replace as necessary.

Hydraulic hoses and connectors should be in good condition and leak-free. Make sure all lubrication points are greased before heading into the field.

Render also underscores the importance of grain cart safety. Check the drawbar's mounting to the tractor and the condition of bolts and safety chains.

Make sure lighting, turn signals, and flashers work correctly and ensure the slow-moving vehicle sign is visible. Lastly, keep power shaft guards in place over the rotating driveshaft.

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