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Hi-tech for sprayers from Intelligent Ag

Hi-tech for sprayers from Intelligent Ag

By Andrew Joseph,

Intelligent Agricultural Solutions, LLC has revealed its Recon SpraySense technology that monitors the flow and pressure of all sprayer nozzles in real-time providing.

You use your sprayers a lot on your farm—for water, herbicides and fungicide application, running 72 nozzles or more on a single sprayer—but how do you know the efficiency of your agricultural spraying system? How quickly are you aware of plugged nozzles? If application is not accurate or thorough, weeds growth or a lack of crop nutrient can occur robbing your farm of valuable crop yield.

That’s where Recon SpraySense can help.

Monitoring your existing sprayers’ nozzle performance from within the can with an iPad app, farm equipment operators can view real-time product flow rate, pressure and droplet size from your spray nozzles. If even one isn’t working optimally, the operator will know about immediately and can remedy the situation.  
Features include:

  • Detects and alerts operator of negative sprayer nozzle performance;
  • Provides management of droplet size and overall coverage accuracy;
  • Pre-loaded specifications for over 1,100 different nozzle tips;
  • Compatible with common check valves and electronic on/off valves;
  • Improves value of your existing spraying equipment;
  • Can maximize farm profits.

Recon SpraySense technology is designed to work with nearly every brand of sprayer on the market, allowing operators to more accurately spray on target.

Headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota and founded in 2011, Intelligent Agricultural Solutions, LLC performs R&D in the precision ag and machine management tech sector to help farmers get the most out of their equipment. Company information available at

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