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Husqvarna introduces new product

Husqvarna introduces new product

This fall, Husqvarna will introduce a new line of X-Cut chains. Specifically, the company will introduce the X-Cut SP33G, which offers a high level of control.

The company designed, developed and manufactured the product in Sweden.

The new chain, which is available for a limited selection of 400- and 500-series saws, is pre-stretched at the factory to decrease the risk of saw damage. This feature also allows the user to save time.

This low-vibration pixel chain is carefully engineered from chrome and steel to ensure a lasting sharpness.

Due to it’s design, the chain requires less power from the saw. 

The product is also able to transport oil and be lubricated during operation because of small arrow-shaped channels in the chain links.

For more information on the X-Cut SP33G, click here.