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Hybrid Wolf Dog Suspected Culprit in Massacre of 14 Calves

Dairy Farmer Near Caledon Ontario Loses 14 Calves In Wild Killing

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A dairy farmer near Caledon, Ontario found 14 of his calves slaughtered on Wednesday morning and the suspected culprit - what experts are calling a hybrid wolf dog was killed around 2p.m. on Wednesday.

Although it hasn`t been confirmed that the hybrid animal killed the calves, experts have said that the size of the animal corresponds with the attack. It`s believed that the animal is a cross between a mix of either a dog such as a German Shepherd or Husky with either a wolf or a coyote. Tests are being run to ensure that the animal didn`t have rabies. The animal in question was found several hours later with a collar on and appeared to be malnourished and looked to be domesticated.

Phil Leslie, Caledon dairy farmer of Alluvialdale Farms found some of his dairy cows with scratch marks on their legs and the calves dead with some of their back exposed. Leslie found the calves lying in the pasture and some scattered in the yard and barn. Only six of the remaining calves survived. The calves weighed between 200-300 pounds each. The monetary loss is around $10,000, not including the costs of deadstock disposal.

The community of Caledon is asked to report any suspicious or stray animals by calling either the Town of Caledon Animal Control at (905) 857-5208 or Caledon OPP at 1-888-310-1122.


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