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Introducing HORSCH’s New Tiger MT

Introducing HORSCH’s New Tiger MT

Combination Tillage Unit Offers Four-Step System for Efficient Residue Management 

By Ryan Ridley

The HORSCH Tiger MT cultivator is a game-changer for primary tillage operations. 

This versatile machine tackles multiple tasks in one pass—a true combination tillage tool. 

Jeremy Hughes, product manager at HORSCH, explained to that the Tiger MT is unique with its four-step system. 

Step 1: Blade System 

First, a 26-inch blade system with a compound angle breaks up surface residue and incorporates it into the topsoil. This initial step promotes residue breakdown and improves soil health. 

“[The] blade is set on an 18° angle with a compound angle for getting some fracture up top of the soil surface, then also getting some of that preliminary incorporation,” adds Hughes. 

Step 2: TerraGrip III System 

Following the blade system, the Tiger MT employs TerraGrip III shanks spaced at 18 inches. These shanks feature an 1800-pound trip force, allowing for deep loosening of the soil.  

“Having the tighter shank spacing allows us to achieve more thorough horizontal fracture, creating a nice working horizon during our primary tillage operations,” Hughes says. 

One of the most innovative features of the Tiger MT is the MulchMix system. Unlike traditional cultivators that rip and tear the soil, the MulchMix system utilizes a 35-degree engagement angle to gently lift and mix the soil at depth.  

This promotes faster residue decomposition and helps eliminate nutrient stratification within the soil profile. 

Step 3: Disc Leveling System 

The third step in the Tiger MT's process involves a disc leveling system. This system ensures a smooth, even surface after tillage, crucial for optimal seedbed preparation.  

Step 4: Tire Packer System 

Following leveling, a tire packer consolidates the soil, creating ideal conditions for seed germination and emergence. 

By combining these four steps into a single pass, the Tiger MT combination tiller offers you a streamlined and efficient solution for primary tillage.  

The Tiger MT's versatility makes it an asset for efficient farm management. 

Hughes walks you through the Tiger MT in the below video. 

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