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John Deere and UAW reach tentative agreement

John Deere and UAW reach tentative agreement

Workers will remain on strike until the deal is ratified

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The strike at John Deere manufacturing plants could end this week.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) announced on Saturday it had reached a tentative agreement with John Deere.

About 10,000 employees in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas went on strike in October after an earlier proposed contract failed to reflect how pivotal workers were to helping John Deere record nearly $6 billion in profits in 2021.

This contract does address those concerns, said Chuck Browning, vice president of UAW and director of the agricultural implement department.

“The negotiators focused on improving the areas of concern identified by our members during our last ratification process,” he said in an Oct. 30 statement.

The new contract includes an $8,500 ratification bonus, 3 percent lump sums in years two, four and six of the agreement, and no changes to the cost of health insurance.

John Deere employees will remain on strike until the deal is finalized.

Workers may vote on the contract tomorrow.

The Facebook page for UAW Local 450 in Iowa is suggesting the ratification vote is taking place Tuesday, Nov. 2.

This new agreement is for six years at 12 plants in Iowa, Illinois and Kansas. It also includes workers in other parts of the country, said Jen Hartmann, director of public relations with John Deere.

“Deere and the UAW have also reached a tentative agreement on a new six-year labor agreement covering nearly 100 production and maintenance employees at Deere parts facilities in Denver and Atlanta,” she said in an Oct. 30 release. has contacted members of the U.S. ag community for comment.

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