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John Deere nutrient applicator tops BigIron auction

John Deere nutrient applicator tops BigIron auction

The 2019 John Deere F4365 sold after 202 bids Auction Report

Of 1,485 pieces of construction equipment, farm machinery and trucks bought during a Sept. 8 BigIron auction, a piece of John Deere equipment sold for the highest price.

A 2019 John Deere F4365 nutrient applicator from Coleridge, Neb., sold for US$322,000 (CAD$406,900) to a buyer from Saskatchewan, Canada after 202 bids.

Specs: 540 hours, 365 Peak Hp, John Deere Final Tier 4, 6 Cyl 9L Diesel Engine, 155 Gallon Fuel Capacity, Premium CommandView III Cab, Dual C-Channel Frame, Four Wheel Leaf Spring And Front Axle Dampers, On Board Air Compressor, IVT Transmission With Four Wheel Pneumatic Brakes, 4600 Command Center, Equipped With John Deere AB485 Air Boom Box, 70’ Working Width, 300 Cu Ft Box With MultApplier Granular Rear Bin, John Deere Section Control, Dual Stainless Steel Conveyors, Front And Rear Beacon Lights, Heat, AC, Radio, Foot Throttle, Leather Seat, Buddy Seat, Power Roll Tarp, Rear Camera, LED Lighting, Stadium Cab Lights, Rear Grease Bank, Michelin 750/50R26 Front Tires, Michelin 1050/50R32 Rear Tires.

A 2009 John Deere 4830 sprayer from Alliance, Neb., sold to a buyer from Illinois for US$100,500 (CAD$127,053) after 249 bids.

Specs: 2,357 hours, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, John Deere, 4WD, Hydraulic Suspension, Steering Axle Suspension, Power Tread Adjust, Hydraulic Brakes, 380/90R46 Front Tires, 380/90R46 Rear Tires, 90’ Boom Reach, 4 Weights, Fenders, Auto Height Control, Boom Auto Track, 5 Way Nozzle Body, Wheel Shields, 1000Gal. Chemical Tank Capacity, Rinse Tank, Chemical Inductor, Power Folding, Radar Gun, Heater, AC, Radio, GPS, Guidance Ready, 2630 John Deere Monitor, Touch Screen Command, 1 Doors, Green Star Ready, Tire Guards, Star Fire 3000 Globe Receiver, 15’ Nozzle Spacing, 5 Way Nozzle Body.

A 2009 Case IH Steiger 335 4WD tractor from Buckingham, Ill., sold for US$73,250 (CAD$92,591) to a buyer from Ohio after 232 bids.

Specs: 7,368 hours, 335 Hp, Case IH Steiger 335 Power, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, 200 Gallon Fuel Capacity, Large 1000 PTO, Rear PTO Location, 4 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Firestone 480/80R46 Front Tires, Firestone 480/80R46 Rear Tires, Front And Rear Duals, Pintle Hitch, Guidance Ready, 1 Doors, FM/AM Radio, Heat And Ac, Red Leather Operators Seat.

A 2009 Case IH 7088 combine from Farmersburg, Iowa., sold for US$70,550 (CAD$89,188) to a buyer from the same state after 212 bids.

Specs: 2,325 engine hours, 1,625 separator hours, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, 280 Gal Fuel Capacity, Hydrostatic Transmission, Self-Propelled, 2WD, Hydraulic Brakes, 520/85R42 Front Tires, 540/65R30 Rear Tires, Lateral Header Tilt, Hydraulic Fore/Aft Reel Adjustment, Reverser, Rock Trap, Single Point Hookup, Auto Height Control, 30" Rotor, Electric Concave Adjustment, Corn And Soybean Sieve And Chaffer, Straw Spreader, 300 Bu Bin Extensions, Heater, AC, Radio, Air Suspension Operator Seat, Buddy Seat, Case AFS Pro 600.


A 2010 John Deere 9870 STS combine from Page, Neb., sold for US$66,751 (CAD$84,385) to a buyer from the same state after 257 bids.

Specs: 2,405 engine hours, 1,815 separator hours, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, Engine Oil Level Full, Hydrostatic Transmission, 2WD, 650/85R38 Front Tires, 28L-26 Rear Tires, Duals, Mauer Bin Extension, Lateral Header Tilt, Rock Trap, Bullet Rotor, Electric Concave Adjustment, Corn And Soybean Sieve And Chaffer, Electric Sieve And Chaffer Adjustment, Straw Spreader, Heater, AC, Radio, Guidance Ready.

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