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Kipster cracks code on chick culling with In-Ovo sexing technology


Kipster, a frontrunner in animal welfare and sustainable egg production, is implementing a groundbreaking change in the U.S. This fall, the company will begin using in-ovo sexing technology to eliminate the culling of male chicks in its egg production.

Culling male chicks is a widespread practice in the egg industry, with millions of chicks killed each year due to their unsuitability for egg laying. Kipster aims to utilize all animals born on its farms, including raising roosters for meat. The U.S. currently lacks the infrastructure to process the specific breed of roosters used for egg production.

In-ovo sexing offers a solution. This technology determines the sex of chick embryos during incubation, before they hatch and develop sentience. By identifying male embryos, Kipster can prevent their hatching and eliminate the need for culling.

"In-Ovo sexing is a crucial step towards ending chick culling," said a Kipster co-founder. It provides an immediate solution as Kipster explores sustainable meat production methods that meet their high animal welfare standards.

Kipster is a leader in ethical and sustainable egg farming. They launched their U.S. operations in 2022 with a commitment to never culling chicks, a practice they follow in Europe. However, the lack of infrastructure for processing male chicks in the U.S. forced them to resort to culling this year.

In-Ovo sexing represents a significant shift for Kipster and the U.S. egg industry. Kipster welcomes stakeholder discussions and encourages suggestions for further improvements aligned with their ethical and environmental goals.

Animal welfare organizations like ASPCA, Mercy for Animals, and The Humane Society of the United States applaud Kipster's commitment to ending chick culling. They see this as a step towards a more humane and responsible egg industry.

Kipster's adoption of in-ovo sexing is a positive development for animal welfare and sustainability in the U.S. egg industry.

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