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Leading Edge Equipment wants to help farmers and equipment manufacturers

Leading Edge Equipment wants to help farmers and equipment manufacturers

Dealers associated with the organization manufacture disc harrows and bale shredders


Ontario’s ag equipment manufacturers looking for a group to speak on their behalf can turn to Leading Edge Equipment.

“We act as a representative for several manufacturers of farm machinery,” Wayne Graham, president of Leading Edge Equipment, told yesterday.

Some of the brands associated with the organization include Amity, Wil-Rich, Bush Hog, Brochard and Wishek.

Wayne Graham and Heather Rutter

Associated dealers manufacture such equipment as disc harrows, bale shredders and soil finishers.

The organization is geared towards smaller equipment manufacturers, due to changes in the agricultural industry, he said.

“Farmers are hiring people to do their spraying, planting and some harvesting operations,” he said. “We’re finding it’s custom operators that want the bigger machinery, but smaller farmers and some livestock producers need the smaller equipment.”

In addition to representing manufacturers, Leading Edge Equipment can also help farmers answer any parts-related questions they may have.

“Our goal is to cover the province of Ontario with high-quality products and back that up with service and parts,” Graham said. “We’re adding new equipment manufacturers all the time.”

The family-run organization, which includes Wayne’s daughter, Heather, has operated since 2009.

Leading Edge equipment is located at 454499 Trillium Line, Beachville, Ont. More information can be found on their website or by calling 519-424-9112.


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