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Love me ‘tender’loin: 8 recipes to make with Canadian pork this Valentine’s Day

Love me ‘tender’loin: 8 recipes to make with Canadian pork this Valentine’s Day

Support your local pork producers while spending time with your partner or friends


By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, many people may be starting to brainstorm date ideas.

Rather than stressing over which restaurant to visit, you may want to consider cooking a meal made with Canadian-raised pork. The country’s pork producers can help make your evening a success.


1.      Pork stew with root vegetables and apple cider


Impress your significant other with this dish, which requires the use of a Dutch oven.

This recipe, which serves six to eight people, will take about 2 hours and 20 minutes to prepare and cook.

For the full recipe, visit Ontario Pork.


2.      Sausage-stuffed bacon-wrapped pork roast


If you love the smell and taste of bacon, this dish could be a new favourite.

As Paula Deen once said, “onions and bacon cooking up just make your kitchen smell so good. In fact, one day I’m going to come up with a room deodorizer that smells like bacon and onions. It’s a fabulous smell.”

You will need almost two hours to create this dish.


3.      Pork chops stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach

Photo: Food Network


If you only have an hour of time to spare, you may want to consider cooking these pork chops.

This recipe — which incorporates garlic, tomatoes, spinach and goat cheese — yields four servings.

For more details, visit the Food Network.


4.      Root beer pulled pork

Photo: Ontario Pork


If you prefer to prepare meals using a slow cooker, you may like this recipe.

This dish is more casual and uses only five ingredients. It also yields six servings, so there’s plenty of pork to share.

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For the full recipe, check out Ontario Pork.


5.      Quick pork parmesan

Photo: Ontario Pork


This meal, which only requires about ten minutes to prepare and ten minutes to cook, yields four servings. The recipe can also easily be doubled to provide leftovers, according to the Ontario Pork website.

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For the full recipe, click here.


6.      Bacon-wrapped pork medallions with pears

Photo: Put Pork on Your Fork


If you want to serve tenderloin this Valentine’s Day, this recipe could be a perfect fit.

Plus, this meal can be prepared in under an hour.

For a full list of ingredients and instructions, visit Put Pork on Your Fork


7.      Oriental pork salad

Photo: Put Pork on Your Fork


If you’re planning to prepare a multi-course meal for Valentine’s Day, you may want to include this salad.

To learn how to craft this masterpiece, check out Put Pork on Your Fork.


8.      Hot n’ spicy quesadillas

Photo: Put Pork on Your Fork


Do you enjoy foods that have a bit of a kick? Perhaps this casual dish would be a worthwhile appetizer to ‘pig’ out on with your date – or friends.

Visit Put Pork on Your Fork for the full recipe.





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