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LS Tractor introduces the new MT225S

LS Tractor introduces the new MT225S

Premium compact tractor with specifically designed mid-mount mower deck, a company first

Ryan Ridley

With spring and the 2020 cropping year in full-swing, farmers missed the opportunity to attend many of their beloved trade shows. These events have become annual traditions for some as it’s a great place to discover new products and talk to the experts behind them. caught up with LS Tractor at the National Farm Machinery Show earlier this year to talk about its new MT225S premium compact tractor.

The MT225S is LS Tractor’s first tractor with a mid-mount mower specifically designed and tested for the MT225S.

Jake Sherman, Product Manager at LS Tractor, provided an overview of the new MT225S by LS Tractor. The compact tractor features a 3-range, dual pedal hydrostat transmission, 60” drive-over deck, loader with quick-attach, excellent visibility, ergonomic design, advanced lighting as well as a backhoe attachment and reversible seat.

“The backhoe attachment with a sub-frame mount is optional,” explained Sherman. “This backhoe features a reversable seat, which allows the operator to transition from operating the loader to operating the backhoe with the simple switch of a lever.”

The front-end loaders on the MT225S are equipped with standard skid steer quick-attach.

“This enables the operator to mount and dismount the bucket in a timely fashion and utilize a wide range of other implements as well,” said Sherman.

LS Tractor puts a heavy focus on comfort and its tractors go through an extensive ergonomic design criterion.

“Operator comfort is a focus point with LS Tractor,” stated Sherman. “The seat not only has a high backrest, but it also has a foldable and adjustable armrest, enabling additional comfort for the operator.”

“To compliment that also is a standard tilt-steering wheel,” he added.

Other specifications and features include:

• 25 HP
• 540 PTO
• Hydrostatic power steering
• 3-point hitch
• 1 pair of remote valves
• Attachments: LB1300 backhoe, LL2300 front end loader, LM1360 mid mower

For more information on LS Tractor’s product lineup, visit:


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