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Man. groups call for hay, straw, feed

Man. groups call for hay, straw, feed

A difficult start to the 2020 growing season means some producers may need feed for their herds

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Due to the tough start to the growing season, Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA), Manitoba Beef Producers and Keystone Agricultural Producers are calling on producers to make extra hay, straw and feed available to fellow farmers in need.

“First cut was average or below average. ... The second cut and regrowth have been very good … but they won't be at the volume you normally get with a good first cut,” said Larry Wegner. He’s the chair of MFGA.

The three organizations created a fact sheet that tells producers where they can find products if needed. Options include online buy-and-sell sites and visiting your local ag office.

“Producers have to be responsible for themselves and take action to ensure they have enough feed on hand,” Wegner told “Talk to your neighbours, talk to your provincial specialists, make some deals and plan ahead.”

Producers should determine where they will source products before winter. Alternatively, farmers with limited supplies could consider downsizing or selling animals early so they don’t have to feed as many livestock throughout the winter, said Wegner.

Thankfully, within the last month, conditions in the province have changed, said Wegner.

“At the end of June things were getting a little crispy and you would get crunchiness underneath your feet when you walked in the pastures. Forges bloomed but there wasn’t very much there. Since then, the rains came, and we've had some good improvements. The quality is not as good on some of the hay being cut now, but we do have decent volume,” he said.

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As a former cattle producer I know it is vary nesesary to be able to source good gaulity feed at an affordable price and when the demand goes up so does the price. It is also a vary good idea to examine the feed before paying as there are those who will deliberatly lie about qwality and try to preasure you into buying sight unseen
Doug |Aug 8 2020 3:54PM