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Manitoba gets its third case of PED virus

By Amanda Brodhagen,

The porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus has spread to a third pig farm in Manitoba.  The province’s chief veterinary office confirmed the case last Friday, but announced it publically earlier this week. The recent case is an infected sow barn.

Earlier this year, two finishing barns located in Southwestern Manitoba were found to have the disease. These discoveries occurred in February and May. And one of the two previously infected hog operations tested positive for the virus again this summer.

Manitoba Pork issued a statement saying that that while it is disappointed to see another positive case, this should serve as a reminder to farmers that on-farm biosecurity measures should be revaluated. This is especially true heading into fall and winter months, as the virus has been known to spread more rapidly in colder temperatures.  

The industry group is urging producers to wash their trucks and trailers when returning from locations that are deemed to be “high risk,” including neighbouring farms, stockyards and slaughter facilities. Manitoba Pork says that hog farmers should approach all situations as though they are “high risk,” especially those who are around areas where there is contact with the United States.

Canada had its first confirmed case of PED in January. The virus has since been confirmed on almost 70 farms across the country, with the bulk of the infected swine herds in Ontario, and five cases in Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island combined. The U.S. had been battling with the virus for about a year before it spread to a Canadian farm.

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