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Mitt Romney Touts Agriculture Plan for Rural America

Romney Talks Ag Policy in Iowa

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Mitt Romney made a campaign stop on a farm near Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday to outline his white paper on agriculture policy. The GOP presidential nominee made his pitch in an attempt to solidify his vote with rural voters. Romney addressed a crowd of about 1,200 people and stressed his four main talking points outlined in the 16-page white paper: reforming taxes for farmers, purse new trade agreements for agriculture goods, reduce regulatory burdens on farmers and replace current energy policy in order to achieve energy independence by 2020.

During Romney’s speech he criticized Obama on his agriculture track record and for not supporting farmers and ranchers when they needed it most. “We already ask our farmers and ranchers to cope with natural disasters,” Romney said. “They should not also have to battle a man-made disaster of taxes and regulations from Washington. Our economic recovery must also be a rural recovery, and my plan for a stronger middle class will ensure that our agricultural sector grows and thrives.”

The former Massachusetts governor’s hopes that his plan for American agriculture puts him at stark contrast with that of his opponent Barack Obama, accusing Obama for not doing enough to support agriculture. Iowa will be a battleground state and will be important to both candidates.


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