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Mother’s Day Q&A with an Ontario farm mom

Mother’s Day Q&A with an Ontario farm mom

Laura Fraser is a mom of four daughters

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

As Mother’s Day is this weekend (don’t forget!) connected with a mom from Ontario’s ag community to ask her questions about challenges and misconceptions related to motherhood, a piece of advice for her new moms, and more.

Laura Fraser (LF) and her husband Kris are dairy and cash crop farmers from near Embro. They also have four daughters: Eden (14), Whitney (12), Mia (9) and Esme (almost four).

"I guess you could say between the cows and our kids we're experts in raising girls," Fraser said.

Each of Fraser's daughters are into sports, and also have unique character traits.

“Eden is an animal lover and is probably Kris’s biggest help on the farm," Fraser said. “Whitney has an enormous heart. We call Mia our sweetie. She’s so caring and is our social butterfly and loves to be busy. Esme is our firecracker. She’s the grand finale and made it a good one, keeping us on our toes and doing a great job keeping up with her big sisters.” Describe where you were when you found out you were pregnant for the first time. How did it make you feel?

LF: I believe I was at home. There was a lot of excitement and nervousness with it being our first. Describe the feeling of holding your newborn for the first time.

LF: Definitely relief. It was a long labour with Eden but after we knew she was okay, there was just a lot of love. What’s the best part about being a farm mom?

LF: The quality time that we get to all spend together. There’s always something to do together and I love watching the girls find their way in whatever they want to do on the farm.

Fraser family
The Fraser family (Left to right: Whitney, Esme, Laura, Mia, Kris and Eden.) What’s the hardest part about motherhood?

LF: For me, it’s watching my girls grow out of a stage. It was hard to leave the baby stage behind. Even though you know there’s so much more good to come, it’s hard to close a chapter. What’s a misconception about motherhood?

LF: That you have to do it alone or can’t ask for support. Having a village is amazing. What’s your mom’s name? What are some special memories you have with her?

LF: Her name is Rosie. I always remember her unwavering support and love through every stage of my life. What’s one lesson you learned from your mom you try to teach your kids?

LF: Self-confidence. My mom instilled that in me, and for me raising four girls, making sure they’re confident in themselves is huge. How has motherhood changed you?

LF: It has made me slow down and appreciate things. I used to go through life really quickly, but now I make sure I take the time to take in every moment I can. What’s one thing all moms have in common no matter where they are in the world?

LF: Protective love and commitment to their kids. That’s universal. What’s one piece of advice you have for new moms?

LF: Slow down and enjoy them. And trust yourself in the choices you make for them. wants to wish all moms a happy Mother’s Day this weekend!

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