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New Novus Global HQ

New Novus Global HQ

The company has moved its global headquarters to Chesterfield, Missouri.

By Andrew Joseph,; Photo courtesy of Novus International showing its new next-generation laboratory.

Novus International, Inc., is focusing on research, new product development, and innovation in a new comfy sofa of a place to call home in the United States, moving its global headquarters to Chesterfield, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

“America’s heartland has been home to our global headquarters since our founding in 1991. It was important for us to stay in Missouri and remain centrally located to our customers throughout the US,” said Dan Meagher, NOVUS President and Chief Executive Officer. “While the new building is perfect for today’s NOVUS, the improvements we’ve made in the new lab at HQ are helping us plan for the animal agriculture industry of tomorrow.”

Located at 17988 Edison Ave., the already existing building was redesigned with the future in mind.

“The new space is more focused on R&D and efficiency to help further our commitment to innovation,” explained Paula Fisher, Manager of Analytical Services and R&D at NOVUS. “It’s a space that truly provides us the opportunity to develop and formulate intelligent, next-generation solutions to support the ever-changing landscape of our customers in the animal agriculture industry.”

From the new lab, the NOVUS team performs organic chemistry and biochemistry, analyzes feed formulations and raw feed ingredients, as well as process and manufacturing chemistry and microbiology.

Deana Hancock, Ph.D., Director of Global Applied Research and Technology Scouting, noted that the science and analysis conducted at NOVUS headquarters support both the customers and the wider animal agriculture industry.

“Our Open Innovation approach helps us address new customer challenges by looking beyond our capabilities,” she stated. “We find and review developing ideas and products along with technologies already in development to identify collaborative opportunities. We also partner with industry leaders in the field and at research centers around the world to explore up-and-coming technologies even outside of the feed additive sector. Through this approach, we can develop products and services for multi-species and different regions.”

Hancock said that the in-house lab allows NOVUS to work in lockstep with external partners to achieve the company’s goal of creating products that address animal health, well-being, and performance through intelligent nutrition.

Along with innovation in the lab, the new office is also a reflection of today’s workspace environment.

“The former headquarters served us well, but today’s work environment requires flexibility to enhance the employee experience,” related Evelyn Mendes, Global Director of Human Resources. “Since 2020, NOVUS has fostered greater collaboration among employees with hybrid offices that are more suitable for on-site, partially remote, and fully remote work.”

Along with the labs, the building houses members of the company’s Executive Leadership Team, legal and regulatory, finance, human resources, operations, supply chain, and logistics. Hot desks throughout the building offer workspaces for employees to use as needed, and there’s a variety of space to support internal collaboration and meetings with customers.

“NOVUS embraced the hybrid work model prior to 2020, empowering our employees with greater autonomy to do their best work wherever they are most productive. We also recognized the fiscal and environmental benefits of optimizing the usage of our office space,” Mendes added.

NOVUS has also filed for a one-time rebate from energy company Ameren for energy-conscious lighting, HVAC systems, and laboratory ventilation systems.

The project was executed by Gray Design Group in partnership with HERA laboratory planners to design the lab space. Both companies are located in St. Louis.

NOVUS calls itself an intelligent nutrition company that provides solutions for the global animal agriculture industry.

The company’s portfolio includes bis-chelated organic trace minerals, enzymes, organic acids, essential oils, liquid and dry methionine, as well as a network of experts around the world to guide management best practices.

Novus is privately owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. Mitsui is one of the largest general trading companies in Japan, while Nippon Soda, despite its name, is a Japanese chemical company whose products include chemicals, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

For more information on how NOVUS is using innovation to help poultry, pork, and dairy producers do more, visit

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