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NFU congratulates Premier Wynne in her new roles

National Farmers Union highlights the importance of the re-introducing the Local Food Act

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The National Farmers Union (NFU) released a statement welcoming Kathleen Wynne to her new roles as Premier and as the Minister of Agriculture. The letter put specific emphasis on the anticipation of Wynne’s campaign promise to re-introduce the Local Food Act. The NFU is looking forward to working with Wynne on this initiative and hopes to share some insights and experiences into how the act would benefit not only farmers and rural communities, but all citizens in the province.

While the letter was fairly upbeat, it did mention some of the challenges that NFU has been experiencing over the past year, especially in regard to its accreditation under the Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act.

"Our members are extremely frustrated with the decisions of the Tribunal in 2012. They feel the Tribunal has taken away their voice and their option to choose the general farm organization which best represents their interests through the Farm Business Registration program. The ongoing delay by the Tribunal in releasing the reasons for the December 19 decision is exacerbating this frustration and leading to further questions about the mandate and oversight of the Tribunal,” says Ann Slater, NFU-Ontario Coordinator.

The NFU is one of the three Ontario general farm organizations in the province.

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