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Nova Scotia elects new premier

Nova Scotia elects new premier

The Progressive Conservatives will form the government for the first time since 2006

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Nova Scotians voted for change on Tuesday.

The Progressive Conservatives (PC), led by premier-designate Tim Houston, won in 31 of the province’s 55 seats to earn a majority government.

A party needs 28 to form a majority.

The Liberals won 17 seats, the NDP won six seats and an independent MLA captured one.

This victory marks the first time the PC party will form the government since 2006 when Premier Rodney MacDonald had a minority government. The Liberals have been in power ever since.

Tim Houston“Regardless of what the polls may say, what we know is that if you provide real solutions to real problems then the voters will pay attention,” he said during his victory speech. “Not just in here in Nova Scotia, but in all of Canada, we proved that just because there is a pandemic doesn’t mean government gets a free pass.”

The PC platform focused heavily on health care, but it did include some items related to agriculture:

  • The party’s Nova Scotia Loyal plan establishes measures to increase local food consumption by participating in a loyalty rewards program, and
  • The PCs committed to engaging in discussions with ag and other sectors to determine how to make more environmentally conscious progress.

Premier-designate Houston hasn’t made any indications about who will be in his cabinet.

But the party’s agriculture critic, John Lohr, a farmer and agri-business entrepreneur, won his riding of Kings North with 3,971 votes. He won by more than 1,300 votes over Liberal candidate Geof Turner.

Former premier and leader of the Nova Scotia Liberals Iain Rankin becomes the first premier to lose a re-election bid during a pandemic campaign.

In 2020, New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Premier Blaine Higgs won re-election as did NDP Premier John Horgan in British Columbia. has contacted ag groups in Nova Scotia for comment on working with a new government.

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