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Optimize your farm by using ALL the data

Optimize your farm by using ALL the data

Granular Business helps farmers get better control over their operations

By Ryan Ridley

As technology and precision ag practices continue to advance agriculture, the modern farmer not only has to juggle growing crops and/or raising livestock on their operation, they now must also add farming the data to their repertoire.

Agriculture has come a long way when it comes to the amount of data collected but managing this data can still prove to be a daunting task for farmers, explained Krista Klompstra to attendees of the 2020 Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase.

“The struggle we run into is how do we make use of all [the data],” explains Klompstra. “Can it help us run our operation better? Smoother? More profitable?

I think that’s what excites me about Granular Business – it helps us simplify the way we plan and communicate, allows us to make real-time decisions and make use of all the data that is available to us.”

Klompstra is the Digital Business Manager at Granular, a leading farm management software owned by Corteva Agriscience.

Granular Business’ software enables farmers to get better control over their operations by performing several tasks throughout the season and in real-time including: analyzing profits, identifying efficiencies and cost-savings, measuring yield variability, as well as forecasting revenues and profits, to name a few.

“Granular Business is big and has many ways that it can help growers,” says Klompstra. “There are four [areas] where we usually find the biggest impact for farmers.”

  • To be more efficient and communicate better;
  • To track your input and crop inventory levels in real-time;
  • To know your cost of production, down to a specific field;
  • To make use of all the data on the farm.

Communication is key on any farming operation, especially during planting and harvesting.

“In the heat of the season when it’s all chaotic and everyone is running around, how can we really communicate well? Not only what has to be done, but what has been done by hour and by equipment so that we have a real-time view of what’s happening,” states Klompstra.

As an operation manager within Granular Business, farmers can assign workers to specific tasks, at specific times, on specific fields, and with specific equipment.

Another major benefit of using the software is knowing your cost of production, right down to the field. Using the Profit Analyzer, farmers can review year-over-year revenue, costs, and overall profitability of specific fields.

Granular Business also helps farmers track their inputs and crop inventory levels in real-time, allowing farmers to make better business decisions.

To learn more about Granular Business and for a live introductory demo, watch the below video.


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