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PTx Trimble Enhances CenterPoint RTX for Uptime and Accuracy

PTx Trimble Enhances CenterPoint RTX for Uptime and Accuracy

Seamless Automatic Switching Between Cellular and Satellite Corrections

By Ryan Ridley

In the world of precision agriculture, accurate GPS positioning is essential for tasks like automated steering and application control. recently spoke with PTx Trimble Senior Product Director Cory Buchs about PTx Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX correction source an industry leader, providing high-precision GPS correction data. 

What’s a correction source?  Essentially it is what takes a low source GPS position and gives it the precision and accuracy required for precision agriculture technology.  This data refines the raw GPS signal from satellites, enabling farm equipment to operate with greater accuracy.  

Traditionally, correction data could be delivered via cellular or satellite networks. 

PTx Trimble's latest enhancement to CenterPoint RTX focuses on maximizing uptime and availability of the correction signal. The system can now automatically switch between cellular and satellite delivery in real-time. 

This ensures uninterrupted operation even in areas with poor satellite reception. If cellular reception weakens, the system seamlessly switches to satellite delivery, and vice versa. Farmers can now focus on their work without worrying about signal interruptions affecting their equipment's precision. 

"We can switch to cellular and ensure that your corrections are always there, always available, and you can continue to operate seamlessly," Buchs says. 

With this improvement, PTx Trimble's CenterPoint RTX offers farmers a reliable and dependable solution for maintaining high-precision GPS correction in their agricultural operations. This translates to increased efficiency, better accuracy, and ultimately, improved farm productivity. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the PTx Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction source. 

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