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Saskatchewan farm girl graduates high school by herself

Chelsea Kennedy is off to the University of Saskatchewan next year

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

A high school student from Hodgeville, Sask. has the unique honour of being the only person in her grade 12 graduating class.

Chelsea Kennedy lives on Thistlecroft Farms with her parents Dan and Karen. Hodgeville’s population is about 150 people and is located around 175 kilometres away from Regina.

Kennedy took the opportunity to make the graduation ceremony her own.

She chose the colour scheme of the venue and matched it with her dress. Kennedy made a speech as class valedictorian and displayed photos.

Chelsea Kennedy enters her graduation with her parents.
Photo: Chelsea Kennedy/CBC

About 70 people attended the graduation ceremony, which is far more guests than anyone is usually allowed to bring to such an event.

“Previous years, you’d only have a limited amount of invites to the banquet but, since it was just me, I got to invite all of my family,” she told CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition. “Good thing I have a big family.”

And the ceremony went off without a hitch, according to those in attendance.

“…hats off to the great community of Hodgeville for allowing Chelsea to carry on with a traditional graduation,” Carol Kennedy Culp, who identified herself as Kennedy’s aunt, wrote on Facebook. “The event was outstanding.”

Since there wasn’t competition, Kennedy received some of the awards for graduating students.

Kennedy will attend the University of Saskatoon in the fall.

Anthony Drake, the creator of Saskatchewan’s provincial flag, is also from Hodgeville.

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