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Saskatchewan farmer wins $100K in poker tournament

Plans to put the money back into the farm

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

What does a farmer from Kerrobert, Saskatchewan do with a $100,000 poker win?

“I’ll be able to pay some bills,” said Mitchell Heidt soon after winning a Deep Stacks Poker Tour event in Edmonton on Monday. “We’re getting ready to seed right away so it’ll probably go straight to a bill, I imagine."

Heidt was able to outlast 510 other players for the top prize but said he didn’t feel any nerves being at the final table.

“I wasn’t really intimidated at all,” he said, adding that he knew some of the competitors.

Here’s how the final hand went down:

After Heidt raised $600,000 in chips, his opponent Laurence Louie flipped a coin. If it landed on heads, he would push all his chips into the pot; tails makes him fold.

The coin landed on heads and Louie put his remaining $2,100,000 in chips into the pot.

Heidt calls showing an ace of clubs and nine of diamonds; Louie is holding the queen and jack of hearts.

The dealer flips over a 10 of clubs, a three of spades and six of diamonds. The next card is a six of diamonds, meaning Louie needs the next card to be a queen or jack to win.

The river card is a four of spades, giving Heidt the victory with an ace high.

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