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Simon Innovations introduces suspension kit for John Deere sprayers

Simon Innovations introduces suspension kit for John Deere sprayers

The kit can extend sprayer clearance to 78 inches


Farmers can add almost 20 inches of clearance to their John Deere sprayers, thanks to a new suspension kit from Simon Innovations.

The suspension kits are designed for the John Deere R4030 and R4038 sprayers, which come standard with 60-inch clearance.

“The suspension kit will get the machine up to 78 inches (of ground clearance),” Steve Simon, owner of Simon Innovations, told

The installation process involves replacing the OEM strut rods and airbag with Simon Innovations’s custom parts, including an air actuator, which allows the producer to control the sprayer’s clearance from inside the cab, Simon said.

And most farmers are able to perform the installation on their own.

“Farmers can tackle this (job) themselves in about eight hours or a day,” Simon said. Producers can also take the installation kit to a John Deere dealer if they prefer.

Simon Innovations offers other helpful accessories, too.

For example, the company has wheel covers, which are designed to protect the crop and machine during late season applications.

“(The wheel covers) help streamline the machine through corn fields and prevent the wheel motor from contacting the crop,” he said.

And Simon Innovations’s Accu-Volume System can help farmers manage the contents of their sprayer tanks.

“It’s a live display of exactly what’s in a farmer’s tank, down to the last gallon,” said Tennille Robinson, sales and office administrator with Simon Innovations.

The system is also effective on uneven grounds, she explained.

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