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Tape measure that makes measuring areas on the farm easy

Tape measure that makes measuring areas on the farm easy

Say goodbye to old-fashioned tape measures

By Braxten Breen Cool Tool Intern
Photo Credit: Moasure

Spring tape measures have been around since 1829.  No matter which tape measure brand you use, they all have the same purpose with slightly different features.

The Moasure® on the other hand, offers something a little bit different, and perhaps particularly well suited to working on a farm.

After 20+ years of research, 10+ prototypes, and 1800+ software iterations the Moasure® ONE™ offers a motion-measuring tool.

With patented tech providing speed and accuracy, farmers will be able to measure anything from length, height, area, perimeter, angle, radius, gradient, rise, and run. As a farmer is measuring, the Moasure will simultaneously create a drawing on the farmer’s mobile device, allowing the farmer to save time, and get more done.

Anything from the area of an individual shape, measuring around obstacles, interiors, and exteriors of buildings, also being able to measure around circles, arcs, curves, change in elevation, and even 3-D models. Farmers will be able to efficiently measure matter in minutes, compared to a more time-worthy traditional measuring method.

The Moasure Pro app allows farmers to pair their Moasure ONE to an app via Bluetooth. This results in enabling all measurements to automatically transfer to the app to draw and calculate on the app, creating a convenient yet detailed layout of whatever the farmer may be measuring. If you want to share the drawings, Moasure Pro allows a farmer to export the drawings in up to 5 different types of formats.

Farmers can save even more time with the Moasure Stick, increasing efficiency even further. The ergonomic design allows the farmer to mount a smartphone at the top, along with a foam-lined enclosure that protects the measuring tool while reducing the risk of shock. Overall resulting in the farmer effortlessly guiding the Moasure ONE without the need to bend or reach into tight spaces.

The farming industry is an industry that can definitely use the funcationality offered by Moasure ONE.

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