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Combat pond weeds with aquatic roller

Combat pond weeds with aquatic roller

Too many weeds in your pond? Here is your solution!

By Braxten Breen Cool Tool Intern
Photo Credit: Atlantic Pond Supply

Ponds play an important role on any farm. Whether the purpose is livestock water, raising fish, irrigation, or preventing erosion in the soil, farmers will find a way to provide value for their farm with a pond.

The time and effort needed to maintain a pond can sometimes seem overwhelming, the common difficulties farmers face can consist of temperature spikes, agricultural runoff, animal waste, and even large amounts of rainfall can affect the water in the pond. Which all results in an increase of floating organic matter, or weeds.

The solution may be the Aquatic Weed Roller. This roller is designed to reduce sludge, aquatic weeds, and vegetation along docks, shorelines, beachfronts, but most importantly ponds!

For the design itself, the handle can be anywhere as short as 4ft long and goes up to 20ft in length. Ensuring farmers can eliminate weeds from the outskirts of the pond, all the way to the middle. Weighing only 22lbs with 6 stainless steels blades farmers will be able to rip up the roots of the weeds in their pond.

I’m sure if you’re a farmer who has a pond on the farm, sometime or another you’ve experienced or continually experiencing weed issues. It’s time to set those issues aside with the Aquatic Weed Roller.

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