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TVOkids premiers Gabby’s Farm

TVOkids premiers Gabby’s Farm

A real farm kid from Ontario is the star of a new preschool kids show about agriculture

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer

A kid’s television program showcasing agriculture in Ontario is set to premier on TVOkids on May 17. Gabby’s Farm features six-year-old Gabby and her family, showing viewers what life is like on a farm.

“As creators we’re always trying to see what type of stories are being told and what might be missing for kids viewing,” Daniel Bourré, one of the creators of the show, told Live-action educational shows are rare for preschool aged viewers, he explained, and “we just didn’t see anything being done about agriculture or farming.”

Bourré “saw an opportunity to tell a real story about a real girl who lives on a farm,” he added. “We thought it would be important for young viewers and their families to see where food comes from and get an understanding of machinery and chores and what seasons are like on a farm.”

The show also holds visual appeal for a young audience.

“Who doesn’t love animals or giant machines?” Bourré said.

Gabby was selected from a province-wide call.

“We went to visit her, and she was a real farm kid, really hands-on with the animals,” Chloe Gray, producer at BGM Sphere media, told

“As soon as we got there she was climbing over gates and running around with the animals and showing us everything. So, we could see that she was the perfect kid to show viewers what happens on the farm,” she explained.

gabby with calf

The first season of Gabby’s Farm contains 30 seven-minute episodes.

“Each episode will look at a different topic,” Bourré explained.

Most episodes take place on Gabby’s home farm, however she also visits other agricultural operations in the region, including an apple orchard, Christmas tree farm and maple bush.

“It’s very fun, there are educational takeaways, but it’s more that kids will get to see and experience a farm through Gabby’s eyes,” Bourré said.

Gabby displays the spirit of the curious and adventurous farm kid, bravely taking the glove off of her bee suit and tasting honey fresh from the hives when they visit a beekeeper.

Gray and Bourré hope that the show will be well-received so they can continue to film more episodes this summer.

BGM Sphere media photo

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