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U of G alumnus reviews swine diets
U of G alumnus reviews swine diets

John Patience discussed impact of feed mill biosecurity, information explosion at London conference 

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

A University of Guelph (U of G) alumnus had the honour of presenting the CFM De Lange lecture last Wednesday at the London Swine Conference.

Dr. John Patience, who received his MSc. in animal nutrition from the U of G in 1976, explained how external pressures have led to innovative diet formulations in the swine industry.

Some of the factors that the Iowa State University professor touched on include a changing consumer marketplace, legislation and regulation, and new technology.

When he spoke about the influence of technology on feed, Patience focused on feed mill biosecurity.

This focus could encourage the industry “to control our supply chain more carefully,” he said.

One reason for this change is the population’s increasing demand for traceability.

“We’re seeing an increased number of ingredients per diet,” and people want to know where each component comes from, Patience said.

Feed trucks also pose risks for disease transmission, he explained.

During the lecture, Patience highlighted upcoming innovations in technology.

For example, in the future, producers may “want to consider using water as a vehicle for delivering nutrients to pigs.”

And Patience saved one of the most pressing issues for last.

“Perhaps the biggest challenge of our time is the information explosion,” he said. “It leads us to cautious decision making.”

Patience was one of fifteen guest speakers on the second day of the conference.




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