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Unexpected guest befriends cattle in Eastern Ontario

Unexpected guest befriends cattle in Eastern Ontario

The moose first joined the herd last week


By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


A unique guest has found her way to a farming family near Brockville, Ont.

While doing chores last week, Kim Sytsma noticed that a moose had made her way into the cattle herd.

The unexpected edition took her by surprise.

“I have never seen moose in this area,” Sytsma told today. “I’ve seen deer, coyotes, foxes and even a Bobcat when I was a child – but never a moose.”

Kim Sytsma photo

Her husband, who has lived on the farm for his entire life, had never come across a moose on the property before. In fact, prior to the animal’s arrival, Sytsma’s 95-year old father had not seen a moose in the area, either.

Nonetheless, the family finds their guest to be interesting and amusing.

“We kind of laugh every day that she is still here,” Sytsma said. “She looks so odd among the cows – she towers over them. While the cows put their heads in the hay feeders, the moose reaches over the top to eat."

Kim Sytsma photo

So far, the moose and cattle have gotten along.

“The moose isn’t afraid of the cows and the cows give her some space,” she said. The cattle “don’t run from her. They just give her space (as) they would do with the horses at the feeder. So far, everybody seems to be living together peacefully.”

However, the family’s herd will start calving soon, so “Miss Moose may have to move to a new address” if anything changes, Sytsma said.

Kim Sytsma photo

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