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US dairy export council's insights - Dairy export trends for 2024


The US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) delves into the complexities of dairy trade dynamics for the year 2024, shedding light on significant market factors and economic influences shaping the industry's trajectory. 

  • China's Economic Trajectory: Amid economic uncertainties, China's role as a major dairy importer remains pivotal. However, challenges like consumer confidence and GDP slowdowns pose uncertainties for dairy consumption growth and import demands. 

  • Mexico's Import Demand: Despite economic fluctuations, Mexico stands out as a robust market for U.S. dairy exports. Strong economic performance and consumer demand fueled record-high exports in 2023, but challenges in the latter half of 2024 warrant cautious optimism. 

  • Global Economic Trends: Economic dynamics influence global dairy demand and trade patterns. While easing inflation and modest GDP growth projections offer hope, geopolitical tensions and trade restrictions present risks to economic stability and dairy trade flows. 

  • Milk Production in Key Regions: Competition from major dairy exporters like Europe and New Zealand impacts the US dairy industry's global competitiveness. Fluctuations in milk production, driven by market dynamics and policy uncertainties, influence export opportunities and market share. 

  • US Dairy Industry Expansion: The financial health of U.S. dairy farmers and production trends are pivotal for export growth. Despite cost challenges and market uncertainties, expansion prospects hinge on factors like feed prices, investment climate, and on-farm profitability. 

By analyzing and understanding these key market dynamics, stakeholders can navigate the evolving dairy export landscape, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and address challenges effectively to ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness in the global market.

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