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VAP’s got you covered from the ground up

By Andrew Joseph,

Victoria Air Photos and Survey (VAP) is a 100-percent locally owned Victoria, British Columbia-based private and independent RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) drone commercial company.

Employing radiometric thermal applications and inspection capabilities, it caters to the agriculture sector, among other industries.

The company uses what it calls the most efficient drone systems and software available—conventional multi-rotors—and can scout up to 400 acres in a single 45-minute flight. Using dual built-in 18MP cameras, it can provide both RGB & NDVI or GNDVI images for in-field assessment.

VAP’s drone tech works with Cloud-based Digital Support System using advanced GIS technology and research-based analytics to process and provide high-rez maps and images of the surveyed fields.

Owned by professional aviation pilot and RPAS pilot, David Carlos, VAP provides the ability to observe and count crops and livestock as well as to determine its health status. As well, data can also be determined relating to soil condition and irrigation.

It enables farmers to determine specific issues in specific fields, and when compared against stored imagery from past surveys, farmers are able to observe subtle changes to a field over time.

Opening its doors in 2012 provides a wide range of safe and professional RPAS services to the general public, corporations and government services in a wide spectrum of applications.

Along with active community support of the University of Victoria's Engineering Department Aero Club, VAP also is active with training and equipping of RPAS pilots.

VAP provides drone services for a low, reasonable cost combined with its efficient and friendly service.

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