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Water-Driven Yield Potential Model is Helping Farmers

Water-Driven Yield Potential Model is Helping Farmers

Crop Intelligence helps farmers make insightful decisions with soil moisture data and interpretation.

By Haley Bilokraly Intern

One of the many responsibilities that comes with farming is staying up to date on the weather. At any given time, you likely know how much or how little rain you have been getting.

However, knowing how many centimeters of rain you’ve had in the last month and staying informed about what that rain is doing under the surface of your field are two different pieces of information. Unfortunately, the latter tends to be more difficult to find out - unless you’ve implemented Crop Intelligence.

At the recent Canada Farm Show in Regina, we visited with Crop Intelligence to find out more.  Crop Intelligence is an app that collects and interprets information related to your soil moisture for dryland farming. This data is then interpreted to create a water-driven yield potential model that helps farmers make informed decisions that maximize their yield potential.

With only two required materials, the monitoring system created by Crop Intelligence is simple to set up. Once in use, farmers can use the app to get real-time insights about their soil health.

Additionally, the power of Crop Intelligence is only increasing. Crop Intelligence has released a new update that can send alerts directly to your phone so that you are always up to date on the status of your crops.

To learn more about how Crop Intelligence works, watch the video below with Andrea De Roo, the Director of Agronomy at Crop Intelligence.

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