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Wisconsin battling avian influenza at several poultry farms

Joins Minnesota and Iowa in the fight against the disease

By Diego Flammini,

Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa are among the states across America that are fighting to control avian influenza and minimizing the economic impact the disease is sure to have.

In the Badger State there are currently 10 flocks of birds infected with the avian flu spanning across Jefferson, Barron, Chippewa and Juneau counties. The counties have instituted bans on poultry movement to shows, exhibitions and swap meets.    

                                       Young turkeys

Currently, more than 1.7 million birds in Wisconsin are affected with the virus.

Things are even worse in Iowa.

Twenty-one sites across 10 Iowa counties are either suspected or confirmed with avian flu.

As a result of the outbreaks, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad declared a state of emergency.

The total poultry affected in Iowa is estimated to be more than 20 million birds.

Avian flu is affecting the poultry industry in Minnesota as well.

An estimated 80 farms across 21 counties are dealing with avian flu with the total number of birds affected being in excess of 5.4 million.

Most of, if not all the birds will be euthanized to help control the disease and prevent them from entering the food system.

Minnesota is America’s top turkey producer and there are reports suggesting the losses could be felt when families sit down for Thanksgiving.

In an effort to try and combat avian flu, researchers with the USDA are working to develop a vaccine to help fight the disease.

Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts about the avian flu impacting farms across the United States. Would it make you think twice about having poultry on your farm?

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