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World Dairy Expo Starts Today in Madison Wisconsin

Join 65,000+ Dairy Industry Enthusiasts at this Year’s Expo

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The World Dairy Expo kicked off today in Madison, Wisconsin. This year’s expo is expected to draw in more than 65,000 visitors and has plenty of fun events for all ages, including the World Forage Analysis Superbowl, Champion Dairy Products Contest, FFA Dairy Judging events, Youth Fitting/Showmanship Contest and 4-H/Post-Secondary or Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest.

The WDE runs from October 2 to October 6, 2012, with an admission price of $10 daily or $30 for a season pass. Expo attendees can benefit from educational seminars, virtual farm tours and meeting with international dairy industry professionals to share stories and tips. Take time to visit exhibitors and find out what’s new in dairy technology.

The following calendar of WDE events can help you choose what you want to see and do at this year’s show:

C = Coliseum
EH = Exhibition Hall
SP = Estrumate® Sale Pavilion

Tuesday, October 2
7:30 AM    International Junior Holstein Show (C)
7:30 AM    International Ayrshire Show (C)
2:00 PM    International Jersey Show - heifers (C)
2:00 PM             International Milking Shorthorn Show - heifers (C)
7:00 PM    Top of the World Jersey Sale (SP)

Wednesday, October 3
7:30 AM    International Jersey Show - cows & groups (C)
12:30 PM    International Milking Shorthorn Show - cows & groups (C)
2:00 PM    International Brown Swiss Show - heifers (C)
7:30 PM    World Ayrshire Event Sale (SP)

Thursday, October 4
7:30 AM    International Brown Swiss Show - cows & groups (C)
1:30 PM    International Guernsey Show - heifers (C)
1:30 PM    Grand International Red & White Show - heifers (C)
2:00 PM    World Premier Brown Swiss Sale (SP)

Friday, October 5
7:30 AM    International Guernsey Show - cows & groups (C)
7:30 AM    Grand International Red & White Show - cows & groups (C)
Noon    International Holstein Show - heifers (C)
2:00 PM    International Guernsey Classic Sale (SP)
7:00 PM    World Classic '12 Holstein Sale (C)

Saturday, October 6
8:00 AM    International Holstein Show - cows & groups (C)
5:00 PM    Parade of Champions and Selection of Supreme Champions (C)


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