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Would you like a torque wrench for each piece of farm machinery?

Would you like a torque wrench for each piece of farm machinery?

This digital torque wrench from Norbar allows you to have a preset for each machine on the farm  

By: Nevan Hagarty and Braxten Breen Marketing Intern 

When farmers have a wide range of farm machinery, measuring torque becomes a common task to ensure the machines are providing the highest efficiency, thus maximizing productivity on the farm. 

Norbar Torque Tools will provide unparalleled accuracy and efficiency with its high precision ProTronic 200 electronic torque wrench. 

What is cool about this torque wrench is that farmers can save time and have complete peace of mind by programing the wrench with up to 10 pre-sets, giving the farmer the ability to have a dedicated pre-set per machine on the farm. It also comes with the option to select between 5 different torque units: 

  • N·m – operates between 10.00 – 200.00 
  • lb·ft 
  • dN·m 
  • kg·cm 
  • kg·m 

The ProTronic 200 has an easy-to-read visual representation of torque level on dual LEDs, along with a bright blacklight displaying larger and bolder numbers during use. 

The accuracy of this wrench when operating between 20%-100% of tool capacity is +/-2%, compared to +/-4% accuracy when operating between 5%-20% tool capacity. 

Norbar has equipped a series of advanced features with the Protronic series of electronic torque wrenches, these consist of: 

  • Audible buzzer when pre-set torque/angle value is reached  
  • Torque THEN Angle Mode gives the farmer the ability to conveniently apply an angle to a fastener directly after achieving the torque target with no need to remove the wrench  
  • Cycle counter 
  • Customizable sleep timer 
  • Language selection  
  • Auto torque calculation 
  • And much more! 

As most farmers have multiple machines on the farm, this cool tool by Norbar will help maximize efficiency while removing any guesswork during routine maintenance. 

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