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XL Foods Plant Licences Reinstated [Oct. 23]

CFIA Enhances Inspection Protocols as XL Plant Reopens

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The Brooks, Alberta plant at the centre of the tainted beef E. coli recall has been given the stamp of approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to reopen and its operating licence has been reinstated.

“Effective today, the plant will be allowed to progressively resume slaughter and processing operations under enhanced CFIA surveillance and increased testing protocols, CFIA said in a statement”.

The agency will be enhancing inspection protocols as part of the reinstatement process and the plant will operate under “performance basis” and will ramp up operations accordingly. Enhanced surveillance will include increases E. coli testing.

“Additional CFIA inspectors-beyond the 46 normally assigned full-time to the plant-will remain at the facility to monitor the company’s slaughter procedures and to ensure strengthened food safety controls are being effectively integrated into daily plant practices,” the statement said.


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