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A weekend feature for you - Horses to horsepower

How much has the type of agricultural equipment available to you, determined how you farm? How much did the type of machinery available to your father or grandfather influence the way they farmed?

Obviously, the kind of equipment available to farmers has changed a lot over the decades, and so have general farming practices. But did we change how we farmed and looked for machinery to accommodate those changes, or did the machinery available to us at the time change our methods?

Throughout the last century, a handful of inventors saw a way to do things better, and created machines that could improve farming practices. Then the rest of us changed what we did when those new and innovative machines became available.

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Bumper Crops: Tar Spot on Corn

Video: Bumper Crops: Tar Spot on Corn

Damon Smith and Darcy Telenko are talking about tar spot on corn. Excerpt: " What do you think we need to keep in mind right now? We're coming into this tassel timing on corn, and we're headed to silk. What do you think? What's the outlook look like right now in 2023? Well for Indiana, we've started to see tar spot. So there is the concern of where is it going to be, and if it's going to be a problem this year."