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Ag Critic Wants Answers On China's Meat Ban

The Conservatives are demanding answers from the Liberal Government about China's ban on Canadian meat.
Back in June, export certificates believed to be forged were found attached to a batch of Canadian pork.
Federal Ag Critic, Luc Berthold, says they don't know what actions the Government is taking, if any.
Along with Trade Critic, Dean Allison, Berthold sent a letter to the Federal Agriculture Minister and Trade Minister on Thursday, August 8, asking what he calls "two simple questions".
"Has the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) addressed the problem of counterfeit export certificates to the satisfaction of the Chinese Government? And how much money is this trade barrier with the Chinese Government costing Canada's pork and beef sectors?"
He says they're under the impression the Liberals are doing nothing to help solve this trade issue.
"If this is not a political crisis like they always say, it could be simple to fix the problem of this certificate," he said.
Berthold says they don't know why they've seen no progress on getting this market back, which is why the Government needs to provide answers.
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