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AGCO Innovations Earn Eight 2021 AE50 Awards

One of AGCO’s eight 2021 AE50 Award winners, the Fendt Momentum planter is the first high-capacity, high-speed planter that minimizes planter soil compaction while setting a new standard for seed placement accuracy.

AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AGCO), a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and solutions, received eight AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for 2021, a significant achievement for an agricultural equipment manufacturing company just marking its 30th anniversary. Each year, 50 products are chosen by an international panel of industry experts as the most outstanding innovations in engineering and technology for agricultural, food and biological systems.

The 2021 AE50 Award-winning products from AGCO include:

  • Fendt® Momentum® planter
  • Fendt IDEALdrive™ steering system
  • 9350 DynaFlex® draper header with AutoDock™ header docking system for Fendt IDEAL® combines
  • Fendt 700 Gen6 Series tractors
  • Fendt 1100 Vario® MT Series track tractors
  • Fendt TeachIn Headland Turn Assistant
  • Precision Planting® FurrowForce™ two-stage closing system
  • Intelligent Agricultural Solutions’ Engage® SpreadControl for TerraGator®  Air-Max® Precision application systems

“AGCO is proud to be recognized for so many of our advanced technologies. Though just 30 years old, the company is built upon the legacy of brands with more than 500 years of combined experience bringing innovations to farmers. These award-winning products reflect that spirit and our continued quest to design and engineer smart, innovative equipment and agronomic-focused solutions for farmers around the globe,” says Brad Arnold, senior vice president, Global Crop Cycle and Fuse Connected Services at AGCO. “This recognition clearly demonstrates AGCO’s investment in and commitment to helping make farmers’ lives easier and their operations more productive and sustainable.”

AE50 winning products are selected based on their innovation, significant engineering advancement and impact on the market served. The AE50 award program is sponsored by Resource, the membership publication of ASABE, to emphasize the role of new and redesigned products and systems in bringing advanced technology to the marketplace. The 2021 awards will be presented during ASABE's 25th Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference, to be held virtually in February 2021.

The Fendt Momentum planter from AGCO is a revolutionary high-capacity, high-speed planter that effectively addresses planter soil compaction while setting a new standard for seed placement accuracy on contours and in challenging planting conditions. The in-line tandem transport wheels with wide very-high flexion tires eliminate planter pinch rows. The optional smart Load Logic™ system hydraulically concentrates weight on the center transport wheels or constantly transfers it across the planter while automatically adjusting tire inflation pressure to minimize yield-robbing compaction. Momentum’s dual-toolbar SmartFrame™ features a vertical contouring toolbar with row unit travel up to 68 inches to maintain ground contact and uniform planting depth, even over terraces, for even seedling emergence and optimum yields. Models for 2021 range from 16R30 to 48R15.

The Fendt IDEALdrive steering system, the industry’s first joystick steering control system on a conventional combine harvester, eliminates the steering wheel and steering column on the Fendt IDEAL combine and gives the operator an unobstructed, end-to-end view of the combine header. The intelligent-control joystick on the left-side armrest requires 65% less muscle activity to operate than a steering wheel, reducing operator stress and fatigue during long hours of harvesting. A university ergonomics study comparing different steering technologies showed joystick steering increases productivity by 6%. Control is easy and precise in the field and on the road. IDEALdrive is an option on all IDEAL TrakRide™ combines for delivery in 2021.

The 9350 DynaFlex draper header with AutoDock header docking system is a new 50-foot flexible header with the industry’s first automatic system for attaching all mechanical, electrical and hydraulic connections of the header to the Fendt IDEAL combine. The combine operator pulls up to the header, lifts it from the ground or trailer and pushes a button in the cab. Using guide pins and hydraulic actuators, AutoDock connects the drives on both sides of the header and connects all systems with a single-point coupler while mechanically latching the header – all in five seconds. The 9350 header with AutoDock improves harvest productivity for a number of crops with its width and ground-hugging flexibility.

The new Fendt 700 Gen6 Series premium high-horsepower tractors deliver versatility, comfort and easy operation. AGCO engineers completely redesigned the operator station, and the innovative new FendtONE™ operator interface provides a streamlined and highly efficient work environment. It features a 12-inch primary display on the armrest, an optional 12-inch pull-down display recessed into the roof liner and a 10-inch “digital dashboard” on the steering column. The 12-inch displays operate in unison, allowing the operator to choose and view up to 12 panels of information across the two screens. Navigation is easy and intuitive, like using a smartphone. The 700 Gen6 Series tractors can be adjusted to narrow and wide row spacings and are available in six models with engine horsepower ranging from 144 to 237.

The new Fendt 1100 Vario MT Series track tractors combine proven innovations from AGCO’s 30 years of experience in tracked tractors with newly engineered features that elevate operator comfort and in-field performance. The entirely new Fendt iD™ powertrain delivers a high-torque, low-engine speed concept through the use of the VarioDrive™ continuously variable transmission (CVT). All tractor functions, including CVT, PTO, cooling system and hydraulics, are geared to run at optimum levels with the engine speed in a working range of 1100-1500 rpm. These innovations lower fuel consumption, reduce engine and component wear and provide extra-quiet operation.

The smart technology of the Fendt TeachIn Headland Turn Assistant manages all the steps for precise and efficient hands-free turning of a tractor and implement at the field edge. Unlike other systems, it self-adjusts within the parameters set for that field and it includes a field overview map, allowing the operator to see each turn. The system has two modes. Traditional U-Turn mode completes headland turns, and Part Field mode completes turns in areas of the field that require a specific pattern, such as skip rows during a deep tillage operation. Both modes make the operator’s job easier, save time, reduce fuel use and result in smoother turns, causing less impact on the soil.

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