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AgGrowth Coalition welcomes External Advisory Panel role

Canada’s AgGrowth Coalition welcomes the announcement of the formation of an External Advisory Panel to advise the ongoing FPT BRM review. As part of the Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Agricultural Ministers’ commitment to a comprehensive review of Business Risk Management (BRM), an external advisory panel was announced in late December.The Coalition members appointed to the Panel include:
Mark Brock – Chair, Grain Farmers of Ontario and Member of AgGrowth Coalition
Mary Robinson – Crop producer, Canadian Federation of Agriculture Director and Chair, Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council
Dr. Rebecca Lee – Executive Director, Canadian Horticulture Council
The Coalition sees these appointments to the External Advisory Committee as a positive step in ensuring a partnership between the sector and government that will provide meaningful participation for the sector in the BRM review and guarantee that farmers have a significant voice in shaping the next generation of farming policy and programs.
“Agri-food is an economic powerhouse in Canada that supports economic, environmental and social benefits across the country and BRM programming that works plays an important role in helping farmers deliver these benefits,” said Mark Brock, Chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario and the AgGrowth Coalition. “The sector has significant potential for global growth as outlined in the Barton report and we are pleased to see the FPT government look at ways to improve the current BRM suite available to farmers.”
The AgGrowth Coalition was established to ensure that sector leadership took a responsible and effective approach to realize the global opportunities in agriculture.
The agriculture sector believes it is critical to work in partnership with governments across the country to put in place the right policies and programs – that better reflect 21st century farming in Canada.
“We are asking the government to take a step back, assess how BRM programming can best support 21st farming, and ensure we are supporting the sector as effectively as possible,” said Jeff Nielsen, President of the Grain Growers of Canada and Vice-Chair of the Coalition. “Specifically, the BRM review process should provide meaningful engagement with the sector and be comprehensive – we are looking for a true partnership”.
Source : Grain Growers of Canada