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Agriculture Roundup for Wednesday, March 23, 2023

United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) said it will be expanding once again in Saskatchewan.

The two new locations are Dunmore and Saskatoon.

UFA also announced it has opened its doors in Weyburn and Yorkton. The sites are part of the expansion of UFA’s petroleum business in central and eastern Saskatchewan.

UFA also announced a historic patronage dividend of $28 million back to its membership. This marks the sixth consecutive year of increased patronage and a 56 per cent increase over last year.

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Water Deal Reached in Three Western States

Video: Water Deal Reached in Three Western States

Water is vital to any crop. Pick one between alfalfa to melons and each needs some moisture to get from seed to fruit/harvest. Rights and allotments for water in the West are hard to manage when the source keeps dwindling through drought and usage. This week, three states agreed their action is better than the government’s.