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Alberta Harvest Progress Jumps to 44 Per cent Done

A relatively dry week in Alberta allowed the crop harvest to progress to rise to 44 per cent complete, the Sept. 12 provincial crop report said. This is six per cent ahead of the five-year average.

Some regions such as the north west and north east have reported overly saturated soil, but still made significant progress harvesting 12 and 15 per cent, respectively, during the past week, the report said. In the south it has been dry most of the harvest season while the Peace region was dry also this past week. Both areas made progress with the south harvesting nine per cent and the Peace 21 per cent. In the north east harvest they combined 15 per cent.

Harvest is furthest along in the south at 80 per cent complete, followed by the Peace and central regions, at 44 and 41 per cent combined, respectively. The report noted the north east and north west have the least crop in the bin and are both at 24 per cent done. Provincially, 95 per cent of dry peas are combined. Most canola has been swathed and is waiting to mature, with 19 per cent harvested.

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