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Alberta Pork semi-annual meetings 2023


Alberta Pork’s semi-annual meetings are a chance for all registered producers and industry partners to gather for an afternoon of conversation, to receive information about our work, and to provide input on what we do and how we can help you succeed.

Alberta Pork’s 2023 semi-annual meetings will take place in four locations across the province. If you are able, we encourage you to join us for these important gatherings!

Meeting dates and locations

All meeting locations and dates are listed below.

In recent years, a meeting has been held in Sherwood Park following Grande Prairie. This year, the Red Deer meeting will take place a day earlier in the week, and a Drumheller meeting has been added in place of Sherwood Park. This decision was made to try to accommodate the most producers as possible.

Also note the former ‘Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre’ has been renamed ‘Red Deer Resort & Casino.’

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