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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Crop? Learn How Dupont's Crop Protection Services Can Help
Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Crop? Learn How Dupont's Crop Protection Services Can Help
When it comes to farming, very little if anything is ever certain. Unexpected events in the weather, the environment, pests and the markets can all change the tides on what may have been a promising crop. To help navigate these everyday challenges, DuPont offers their crop protection services to help farmers identify best agronomic practices for their specific field and where improvements can be made on any individual operation in order to get the most out of every acre. Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Associate Farm Director Carson Horn caught up recently with one of DuPont’s program leaders, Jenny Goodman, during the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention in Kansas City. You can listen to their complete conversation by clicking or tapping the LISTEN BAR below.
“What we’re really talking about are the comprehensive set of products and expertise that we can pull together across all of our offerings to help growers with all those decisions that they need to make the most out of their acres,” Goodman said. “That starts with a custom plan, that really is unique to their operation.”
According to Goodman, when strategizing with DuPont, your crop protection representative will take into account your individual fields, soil type and assist you in taking advantage of the many data services available that help in the decision-making process.
“This is a great time of year to start absorbing some of the information from this past season or others,” she said. “Start talking about some things from previous years you’ve had good success with and you know you want to stick with. But also, consider the new information relative to, for example, seed choices and field trials, to give you a good sense of what growers are seeing in your area from these newer seed products.”
One issue to keep in mind, too, is weed control, especially any issues with resistance that you have encountered recently. But, Goodman says that before you do anything - ask yourself one question.
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