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B.C. protects farms from animal disease

The Province is investing $5 million to help protect B.C. farms from animal diseases, including avian influenza, swine fever, and foot-and-mouth disease, to help support a resilient food supply for British Columbians.

“This investment will provide B.C. farmers and ranchers with the support to plan and respond quicker and better to disease outbreaks,” said Pam Alexis, Minister of Agriculture and Food. “It is important that we continue to work together and stay vigilant to protect farmers and their animals, which protects B.C.’s economy and our food security.”

The funding will help B.C. farmers plan, prepare, prevent, and mitigate for animal diseases on their farms and ranches and provide co-ordinated emergency planning and training for the livestock and poultry sector.

“Animal diseases, such as avian influenza, have a huge impact on farmers. Funding that will help us plan for and mitigate the impacts of these diseases, is very welcomed,” said Mark Siemens, president, BC Egg producers association. “Poultry farmers particularly appreciate the fact that this funding is available to a wide variety of applicants so we can take advantage of best practices from across the animal agriculture sector.”

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