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Back in session - Congress' busy fall schedule

Curious about what's happening in Congress? After their summer break, they're diving into a full plate of tasks. At the top of their list is figuring out federal spending to prevent, guess what? A government shutdown! 

The President has amped up his request for disaster relief funds to $16 billion, hoping Congress will pitch in. Our friend, Sen. Rick Scott, is pushing for action on this front. But there's some debate on merging this request with another decision to ensure the government keeps running smoothly. 

Over in the House, they're prepping their own list, with Defense and Homeland Security bills waiting in line. And there's a big chat around energy. Imagine a world with more renewable energy; that's the dream for some, but opinions differ. 

Then there's the National Defense Authorization Act. It's all about discussing energy and climate policies. And oh, the farm bill! Scheduled to kick in by Oct. 1, it's got some hurdles to cross, especially with a potential whopping price of over $1 trillion! 

Apart from these, there are talks about FAA reauthorization, important nominations, and improving rail safety (especially after a scary incident in Ohio earlier this year). 

So, Congress is buzzing with activity. Let's watch and learn as they navigate these issues!

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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