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Beef Producers Optimistic Heading Into Fall

Manitoba Beef Producers is giving an update on pasture conditions.
Carson Callum is the organization's general manager.
"It kind of varies. Some areas definitely had that timely rain and pastures are still holding on and looking pretty decent but there is some sporadic areas across the province that maybe didn't get that rain and they already had poor forage stands going into the year because of the back-to-back really bad years. They might be lacking a bit and having to put some supplemental feed or something on pasture to keep it going before they bring those animals in."
Callum says annual feed supplies are looking good for most producers.
"People, in terms of their annual feed that they develop, it's looking pretty good. We've heard a lot of good things about green feed yield and corn silage...I'm hoping in those areas that had those good annual crops that would be used for feed, didn't get hit too hard yet with frost and can be chopped and don't have high nitrates that could cause problems as a feed ingredient. Overall, I think we're in a better situation."
Callum notes dugout levels appear adequate with some good timely rains this year.
He says the fall cattle run is just getting underway, with some yearlings going in.
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