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Do you truly know your harvest loss?

Do you truly know your harvest loss?

Increase your bottom line with Bushel Plus’ combine loss measurement system

Ryan Ridley

With harvest 2020 rapidly approaching, many farmers are looking at ways to maximize efficiencies and increase their bottom line. At the 2020 Virtual Great Ontario Yield Tour Final Event, Chris ‘Dutch’ van Meijl, Sales Administrator at Bushel Plus, gave an overview of the company’s all-in-one combine loss measurement system.

“Our systems can really help increase the efficiency of your operations, whether that’s just reducing your losses or helping you push your combine as fast as it can while keeping your losses at an acceptable level,” explained Dutch. “We’re getting customers that are saying they were able to go 2-3 miles per hour faster just because they know now that everything is good coming out the back.”

The system can be attached to any combine in seconds and is quick and easy to install with no brackets, adapters or wiring.

A key benefit for farmers using this system is that harvest loss can now be quantified – before you wouldn’t know whether it’s coming from the header or the back of the combine.

“With the drop pad, you can actually know what’s really coming out of the combine and what’s really coming from your header. Anything below that tray is going to be from your header and everything in it is going to be from the combine,” added Chris Sobchuk, Business Partner at Bushel Plus.



Dutch also explained that by reducing the amount that’s coming out the back, you’re automatically reducing the volunteer pressure for next spring.

“If it doesn’t come out of the back of the combine, you don’t have to worry about it germinating in the middle of your soybean or corn field. That means you have reduced pesticide costs, reduced yield loss on the affected acres and increased yield,” said Dutch.



“We have to feed more of the world and farmers are a huge part of that. Be safe, be healthy and grow the best possible crops you can – we just want you to put all of that into the bin,” added Sobchuk.

The 2020 Great Ontario Yield Tour Final Event was held online on September 2-3, and featured several presentations from experts, and event hosts and sponsors. Corn and soybean samples were taken by scout on hundreds of farms across Ontario. At the end of the tour, province-wide corn and soybean yield estimates were released, as well as regionalized estimates for south, east, central, and western Ontario. Bushel Plus’ presentation was given as part of the final event.

Based in Brandon, Manitoba, Bushel Plus is an international company with customers in Australia, Japan, Chile, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Lithuania and more.


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