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Beef Producers President Says Moisture Deficit Dates Back To Last Fall

Manitoba cattle producers have been dealing with a moisture shortfall since last fall.

The heat we're seeing now is not helping the situation.

Tyler Fulton is president of Manitoba Beef Producers.

"Since last fall we've seen really a huge shortage across a huge portion of southern Manitoba of water. It's started with really short soil moisture levels from last fall and then a general lack of snowfall over the winter and really a lack of any rain in any timely fashion over the course of the last two months," he said. "What's remarkable is how widespread the lack of moisture is. It's obviously impacting pasture conditions, hay and annual crops as well. We're focused right now on the lack of surface or ground water for livestock watering."

The province announced this week that it will be making non-ag Crown lands available for haying by livestock producers.

The Governments of Canada and Manitoba announced this week that livestock producers who have been affected by dry conditions on pasture in Manitoba can apply for funding to support water source development under Ag Action Manitoba.

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