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Brandt To Introduce Two Exciting New Products at Ag in Motion.

Regina, Saskatchewan – Brandt Agricultural Products is pleased to introduce their two newest products at Ag in Motion, Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm Expo, near Langham, SK, on July 19 to 21, 2022. 

The company is once again expanding their lineup of grain handling and tillage products, now with an all-new high-speed disc and an innovative dual-auger grain cart, designed to complement their revolutionary single-auger XT-Series models, introduced in 2021. 

“We’re very eager to get these new units out there for people to see, up close and personal,” says Jason Klassen, Senior Vice President of Sales – Manufactured Products.“Farmers will appreciate the innovative thinking and attention to detail that has gone into the designs; they are the result of extensive consultation with producers.” 

Designed to simplify post-harvest and seed prep seasons, Brandt’s new High-Speed Disc allows farmers to effectively manage crop residue, condition seed beds, level ruts, and reclaim wetlands in record time. With an average weight of nearly one thousand pounds per foot, the new unit is the heavyweight of the industry, delivering the downward force and structural rigidity that farmers rely on without creating soil compaction issues. 

The company’s new DXT-Series carts make use of an updated tank design and dual-auger configuration to deliver significant performance benefits over other products currently in the market. Engineered with a focus on delivering maximum harvest-season efficiency for producers, the new design ensures faster unload cycle times, more thorough cleanout, and higher capacity, all delivered with Brandt’s legendary  reliability. 

“We’re really looking forward to demonstrating first-hand how these innovative new units will deliver value for Canadian farmers,” adds Klassen. 

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