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Canadian Sustainable Beef Pilot Project Extended

Cargill says the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration Pilot project is being extended.

One year after the launch, the pilot has delivered about 3.7 million pounds of certified sustainable beef.

Audited farms and ranches enrolled in the pilot are paid for every head which makes it through the certified supply chain. In the last quarter, producers received $18.24 per head.

Also in the fourth quarter, Cargill reported almost triple the amount of sustainable beef produced compared to the first quarter.

The program is still looking for more producers to become verified.

Cargill says current customer demand is outpacing supply, and the financial credit is only possible if the program consistently meets the needs of retailers.

Only Canadian cattle are eligible, with all the processing for the program taking place at the High River Cargill facility until other processing plants are audited.

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Source : Discoverairdrie